“ Disability is an art.
It’s an ingenious way to live ”

- Neil Marcus


TF has been formed with an objective of educating the society with regards to children with special needs. We would be conducting seminars, exhibitions & events especially for these children where they would not only be able to show case their skills but also allow the society to know them better. Our Aim is to prepare these young people for adult life, giving them confidence and skills to achieve their full potential.

Our long-term goal is to create a world where physically and mentally disabled young people learn to take control of their lives and dare to dream. Our Future plan is to help blind school.

These children are in need of special attention, care and love. These wonderful children are full of joy, innocence and wonder who laugh, cry and express their emotions like any other child. Unfortunately the society at large has not yet learned how to deal with these People. Mostly such children are avoided & in some cases are also made fun of. People have misconception that these children could be dangerous & hence should be avoided. This misconception needs to be dispelled. The more people know, the more they will understand that these children are just like other children. They have feelings; they need food, love and shelter just like everyone else.